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Customs Clearing

Customs clearing includes preparation of Bill of Entry and submission to Customs. There is a need for specialist knowledge in this field, as there is a risk of penalties from Customs for incorrect classifications due to changes in the legislative requirements. We boast of vast experience in customs clearing and creation of documents for tax and customs purposes, hence we assure all our clients of very minimal delays in the movement of their cargo once we receive pre-alerts.

AWS Global has positioned itself well in the SADC and COMESA region and we offer the best solutions for all cargo movements in the region. Contact any of our branches for technical advice and procedures on shipping and customs services.



AWS Global has well-developed relationships with agents around the world that facilitate the delivery of cargo from all corners of the world. We offer a one-stop shop for all your freight needs ranging from Sea, Road, Rail, and Air. We are found in major ports of entry into Africa, which gives us a competitive edge over most of our competitors.

The relationship we have with shipping lines span over two decades, this facilitates the movement of heavy cargo across continents. Coupled with an efficient road network we promise total freight solutions from source to destination.


AWS Global freight offers the customer tailor-made services in handling bulk, containerized, and contract transport solutions through our well-serviced fleet of trucks both flat-bed and drop-side trailers. We can arrange for all your transport needs across the SADC region through our own trucks or subcontracted trucks. All our trucks are on satellite tracking twenty-four hours assuring you of total cargo safety.

We are currently running contracts across all sectors of the economy from mining to retail, as no cargo is too big or small for us.



A bonded warehouse is a secured facility supervised by customs authorities, where dutiable landed imports are stored pending their re-export or release on assessment and payment of import duties, taxes, and other charges. The bonded warehouse can also be termed as a duty-free zone, licensed by the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority. When goods are stored, an agreement is entered into by AWS Global Freight Pvt Ltd and customs authorities where we undertake safe storing of goods and the payment of import duties.

All warehouses are highly secured with around-the-clock security guards, parameter fences outside, divisional roof levels fences inside, and lockable gates. All bonded areas have brick walls to the roof with steel sling doors. AWS Global has standing arrangements with sub-contractors country-wide, and can cater for any storage requirements for their clients.

AWS Global has its own warehouses in Harare, Mutare, Blantyre (Malawi)



Allen Wack and Shepherd offers a one stop shop for all your freight needs.


Forwarding Rates

We give specific rates tailor made to to suit client’s unique inquiry as rates


Rates Calculations

Customs and Excise Duty – Customs duty is levied on imported goods